Good Night~!

27 04 2010

Cheke-chan’s sleeping face! ❤

How cute!

I wonder what my sleeping face looks like? (o_O)-?

Everyone watch my sleeping face!

Good night~ ❤



The answer is…

27 04 2010

The answer is… Pasta!

Mushrom cream pasta ❤

And Kanna?


Mushroom and vegetable pasta!

And then Erika had chocolate parfait!

It’s amazing how many people guessed the correct answer (^_^)

It was delicious~! (^w^)/


Erika’s Quiz!

27 04 2010

This afternoon I’m eating a meal…

What do you think it is? Have a guess!


Tokunaga Hideaki-san!

27 04 2010

*pic of CD*

Tokunaga-san’s Vocalist 4!

Tokunaga Hideaki-san’s voice is so gentle~ I listen to it before I go to sleep cause it’s so calming.

Then I get good dreams \(>w<)/

Good night~!



27 04 2010


The weather’s good day, right~~~~~

Yesterday, I saw Osaru(?)-san in Harajuku…

Cheke-chan was running around full of energy this morning! (^_^)


Well then, well then,

let’s go!



25 04 2010

Nowadays, I love SEVEN UP juice, but…

My local convience store don’t even sell it (TT^TT)

A while ago, I found this monkey~



He wants to keep it >w<



25 04 2010

I like the weather!

Clear skies and sunny weather is the best, isn’t it?

When it’s warm, there’s a nice smell outside too, isn’t there?

Do you understand, you guys \(>w<)/

When it’s warm, Erika feels sooooooo good (^o^)

I’ll update soon, okay? (^_^)